As Catholic Christians we are called to see Christ in every person. Celebrate life this month by praying for an end to the destruction of human life and dignity.

No man is a problem… No human being - no matter how poor or how weak - can be reduced to just a problem. When we allow ourselves to think of a human being as a mere problem, we offend his or her dignity. And, when we see another human being as a problem, we often give ourselves permission to look for expedient but not just solutions. The tragic history of the 20th Century shows that thinking like this even leads to “final solutions." ~ Most Rev. Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami

Respect Life websites that you might want to check out:
  • - California Catholic Conference for information about current state legislation
  • - US Conference of Catholic Bishops for church teaching and publications
  • - Oakland Diocese to find out what is happening in our own diocese
  • Patricia Woods Samuels - St. Joseph Parish Respect Life Contact -