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Welcome to Outdoor Mass

Instructions for Participation

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.”


We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to participate in Mass outdoors. When you are ready to join us, please review this page for details on how to participate.

When and Where

Due to capacity restrictions, reservations are required in order to attend outdoor Mass. You will need a reservation for each Mass and for each person who attends. All outdoor Masses are held in the Parish Church east parking lot.
Reservations are needed for the following Masses:
  • Monday through Saturday 8:30am Daily Mass
  • Saturday 4:00pm Vigil Mass
  • Sunday 9:00am Mass
  • Sunday 11:00am Mass
  • Sunday 1:00pm Mass
Outdoor Mass will be held as long as the weather cooperates. If it is raining or overly inclement, Mass will be canceled. Although we may need to cancel Mass outside, Mass will still be live-streamed at 11am each Sunday. Please join us online instead.

CLICK HERE to make a Mass reservation

Reservations for Mass will be verified at the check-in table. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.

Please Note

  • The obligation to attend Mass remains dispensed for all Catholics in the Diocese of Oakland. It is not a requirement for Catholics to attend in-person Mass.
  • If you are elderly, ill, at risk of illness, have had contact in the past 14 days with someone who is ill, or are concerned about becoming ill, please stay home. Protect yourself and protect others. Visit the CDC website for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We will continue to offer live stream Mass every Sunday at 11:00am, followed by distribution of Holy Communion from 12:00-12:30pm. Reservations are not required. Please see the Mass Schedules for more details.
  • The Parish church is open from 8am-5pm for private prayer, except when outdoor or live stream Mass is in progress.
  • IF YOU TEST POSITIVE ... Please call the Parish Office (510-656-2364) if you test positive for coronavirus after attending a public church event. Without disclosing your name, we will make other attendees aware that they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

For Your Safety

  • Everyone over the age of 2 must wear face masks at all times. If you forget to bring yours, please ask the greeter for one.
  • Social distancing is required at all times. Please maintain at least 6 feet distance between yourself and your neighbors (except within immediate family members).
  • Please refrain from shaking hands or other physical forms of greeting (except within your immediate family). A friendly wave and a smile are always welcome!
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer. In case you forget, hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in tables.
  • Please bring your own personal worship aids. We will continue to provide a dedicated page on our website with all the readings and responses for Sunday Masses, which you may access on your phone.
  • In the event of inclement weather, outdoor Mass may be canceled. We will attempt to notify all who registered at least 1 hour before Mass time, as well as post an alert on the parish website.

Before Mass

  • Click here to make a reservation.
  • CHECK YOUR TEMPERATURE prior to coming to Mass. If above 100.4, please stay home.
  • Check-in will begin 20-30 minutes prior to start of Mass. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass begins to allow time for check-in and seating — late entry is disruptive to all.

When You Arrive

  • You may park either in the south part of the parking lot closest to the Mission, in the upper school parking lot, or on the street. The east parking lot will be closed to all vehicles. Proceed on foot to either side of the east parking lot for check-in.
  • Visit the check-in table, where a greeter will greet you, check for face masks, and verify your reservation. Please maintain a safe social distance from others if a line should form.
  • Once checked in, you may take any open seat(s). Chairs will be provided. Family groups who live together are welcome to sit together. Once seated, do not change seats. Please let an usher know if you need seating assistance.
  • For our mobility-challenged visitors - When you check in, please notify the usher if you would like help with seating, and if you would like Communion brought to you after Mass.

During Mass

  • You will notice some simplifications in the flow of Mass. For example, the opening procession is omitted, as is the offertory procession.
  • Singing is allowed, but please sing softly and always with face mask on.
  • Please no physical contact during the Lord’s Prayer or Sign of Peace (with the exception of immediate family members).
  • Offertory Collection: Since baskets cannot be passed, please leave your offering in the baskets which are placed at the check-in tables.

Receiving Holy Communion

  • Communion is distributed during the regular time during Mass. Please remain in your seat and the ushers will guide you to a Communion station when it is your turn.
  • The Cup will not be available.
  • It is preferred that you receive the Host in your hands for the time being.
  • If you are wearing gloves, you must remove them before receiving Eucharist.
  • Please keep your face mask on until after the priest or minister has placed the Host in your hand. To receive the Host, place one hand under the other while keeping fingers together. The minister will gently place the Host in your hands without making contact. After receiving the Host, step several feet to one side, lift your mask, consume the Host, and then put your mask back on immediately after.
  • After receiving Eucharist, please return back to your seat.

After Mass

  • Once Mass ends, please exit church property. Although it will be wonderful to see your neighbors, for the safety of all we ask that you not congregate with others or linger after Mass.
  • If you wish to speak with a specific member of the clergy, please inform an usher who will convey your request.

Patience and Kindness

Expect lines, delays, and other inconveniences as we adapt to this new protocol. Thank you in advance for putting on your patience with a smile!

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