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26 June 2020

Dear Friends,

As Snoopy reminds us, “Sometimes life takes sudden turns without using its turn signal!”

The present coronavirus pandemic certainly underscores the truth of that statement.

For some time now we have been unable to celebrate “in person” Masses due to Covid-19.

With the Bishop’s permission, we will resume the celebration of “in person” Masses here at St. Joseph beginning with the weekday Masses in the Mission Church June 29th. The weekend Masses in the Parish Church will begin the following weekend, July 4th and 5th at 5:30 pm on Saturday, and 9:00 and 11:00 am on Sunday.

This is just a beginning. We have been given permission to celebrate the “in person” Masses providing we follow certain protocols which are intended for the safety of all.

For example, there are attendance quotas which must be adhered to such as 100 persons in the Parish Church at any one time. This will require parishioners to pre-register for Mass using an online registration system.

For now, the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass still stands. Certainly, all are welcome! However, if you are ill, have been in contact with someone infected by the virus, or just are not comfortable returning at this time, then please stay home.

We plan to continue offering a live-streamed Mass option. Details are being finalized, so please check the parish website for updates.

Our entire Parish Reopening Plan will be posted on our parish website by the end of this week. Please review it carefully.

Jesus has left us the gift of the Eucharist as a living memorial of his unconditional love for us. We are truly a Eucharistic people. It is by living the Eucharist, by living what we celebrate, that we give witness to Jesus’ love for us.

As Jesus shares his love with us, let us share that love with one another trying as best we can to be as Christ to each other and others.

Peace and love,

Fr. Manny

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