Construction Update

New Locations:

In preparation for the rectory relocation to its new spot on the campus, and in keeping the busy fall schedule for the parish and ministry needs, the following changes have been made:

  • Father Manny has moved residence to Ministry House 2
  • Father Padraig has a new office location - across the street from church at 43255 Mission Blvd. Suite 105. He can be reached through parish office at 510-656-2364 x 111.
  • Ministries previously schedule in Ministry House 2 are now in a construction trailer (affectionately named the ‘Sparky Trailer’) shared with TBI construction, which is located behind the Carriage House.
Parking changes:

Due to the busy construction area we ask that during the weeks to come, Monday-Friday, from 6am -7pm, to please not park any vehicles on the street of St. Joseph Terrace - this is the road between the Church and Rectory and is the main access road for any and all movement of large construction equipment.

In addition, parking is available in front of the Sparky Trailer, but we also ask that you please park as close as possible to the fence opposite the trailer, so that the construction workers still have access to their gate and storage shed located at the end of that lot. Thank you for your understanding and assistance during this exciting time for our Praish.

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